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Educational Moments

posted Dec 11, 2011, 7:45 PM by Charles Boling
Recently, we started holding "Educational Moments", as I call them (Can someone please think of a catchier name?), during our weekly net, between the roll call and the roundtable discussion -- usually about 20:15.  I'll start trying to add a little supplemental material here where appropriate.  For now, here are the topics we've done so far:
 Date Topic
 Harmonics / Overtones
 2011-11-27  Time/Frequency Domains
 2011-11-06    DC/AC, Bias
 2011-10-30 Polarization
 2011-10-23    Faraday Shields
 2011-10-09 Atmospheric Layers
 2011-10-02 Propagation Modes
 2011-09-25 Frequency Ranges & bands
 2011-09-18 1/2-wave antennas