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Introduction to Ham Radio

Amateur Radio is a rich and multifaceted hobby -- there's some aspect of it that appeals to nearly everyone!  With the Internet, there's little excuse to remain ignorant of amateur radio -- all of the information you could want (and much more) is mere clicks away. But without an "Elmer" -- an experienced operator who takes you under their wing -- that flood of information can be tough for the beginner to navigate.

This page was created to curate some of that knowledge; my goal is that it will grow with links to resources to help the beginner get the feel of their oars in calm water, rather than being unceremoniously dropped into a raging river.


What is amateur radio?

What is ham radio? from the viewpoint of The American Legion


Amateur Radio Contesting from your Backyard by Alan, KB3AUE w/ links to other sources of info. (Thanks, Noah & Karla!)