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2 Successes in 1 Weekend

posted Sep 20, 2010, 7:14 PM by Charles Boling   [ updated Sep 20, 2010, 7:36 PM ]
Saturday's "Ham Basics" event was moderately well attended, with roughly 60 people in attendance, at least 5 of whom were members of our net.  Even Yours Truly, who can't usually stand more than about 5 minutes of a class, found at least 2 classes so interesting that he resisted his usual urge to get up and "patrol the halls" and see what he was missing in all the other classes, and instead stayed put the entire class period.  What he saw when he did roam was a lot of good classes, with people of all skill levels participating.

I'd like to entertain the notion of hosting something similar in the Longview area -- maybe next year -- and inviting folks from the surrounding areas to participate with us.  I'll be soliciting your thoughts on this topic more strongly at a later date, but feel free to share your ideas with me (or offer to teach something) any time!

Sunday's Simplex exercise was a but grueling, but very educational and quite fun!  Not so fun for those who couldn't hear very many people, but their participation was invaluable.  The primary purpose of this activity wasn't to hold a social net, but to test propagation and see what we could do if we just jumped in with both feet.  Many thanks to all who participated, particularly those who hung around and assisted for the entire two hours!  Nets certainly go faster when you don't try to stretch your propagation limits.

Thanks to those who have already turned in propagation reports.  Everyone else: Please email or otherwise send me a list (the file I emailed to you would be great if you can use it) with all the people that you could hear (or, if easier, couldn't hear); any additional details (e.g. signal strength) are welcome.  I'll be using those reports to compile a more complete picture.