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Field Day Recap

posted Jun 28, 2011, 7:04 PM by Charles Boling   [ updated Jun 28, 2011, 7:41 PM ]
Do you have pictures or a narrative from Field Day?  Send them to me if you'd like me to post them!  Here's mine:

I was pretty pleased with how Field Day weekend turned out for me.  Weather was great overall, and though not all of the planned events turned out as planned, the entire family had a good time, and I managed to make an Amateur Radio activity something the whole crew can look forward to.   There were a lot of radios & antennas of various types set up by different people at the Colton site, and though there wasn't much contesting going on ("Uh, what's our classification again?")  we had a great time sharing our projects with each other, and just messing around.   The food was good, too, and there were other outdoor activities for hams and non-hams alike: RC plane flying, cannon shooting (smaller arms too) & history lessons, a saw mill, campfire, late-night movie on the big screen (Oh, that inverter was for a radio?), bike riding & hiking.

Saturday evening, the older kids and I stopped by the Vancouver site on the way home, and just happened to arrive in time for the BBQ.  It was a great chance to say hi to some friends, enjoy a good meal, take care of a little club business, and let the kids see a more formal site with contesting tents.

I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, so I'll have to settle for what my wife managed to catch.  I'll resist the urge to share all of the incredibly cute kid pics, and limit myself to posting a few shots that actually have a radio-related subject...

The cardboard tube (from a linoleum roll) that I used for a mast for the vertical worked great; after I was done with it, I broke it in half and let the boy scouts fight with the pieces, then I assume it served a 4th life as kindling.  Can't beat a rugged, 12ft tall, disposable mast!