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Forest Fire Reporting

posted Jul 6, 2015, 4:25 PM by Charles Boling
On last night's net, there was an interest in volunteer fire spotting -- camping out on a mountain somewhere, and reporting fires.  Obviously, this function would be a lot more efficient if you were officially sanctioned and given contact procedures for the agency you're partnering with.

From what I can determine, unsurprisingly, there is currently no such program.  No agency wants the liability of directing a loose group of untrained volunteers.  If you want to report a fire on your own, that's great, but as soon as they give you a suggestion as to where to go or what areas do/don't need watched, they're responsible for you.

Here are the public numbers for reporting fires to various agencies.
I couldn't find that anyone but WA DNR publishes contact info or instructions specificially for citizens to report fires.
If you see a fire start, depending on the location and circumstance, a 911 call may be appropriate.

To view currently-known burn info (at least the major ones):

If someone has additional/better info, please add a comment to this page or otherwise let me know.