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Fox hunt in Vancouver

posted Feb 3, 2014, 9:20 AM by Charles Boling   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 11:14 AM ]

Usually Dale does these down in Oregon, but this one's significantly closer to us than usual!  If you haven't been on one of Dale's hunts before, you ought to take the opportunity to give it a try!  One of the great things about bunny hunts is that your unlicensed friends and family members can participate.  Incidentally, I'd like to host a rural hunt up here sometime this summer, and this event would be good preparation for it.



This event has been rescheduled for the 22nd.  I'm told that there will be at least one "walk-in" fox to find.  Details on the event calendar

Due to the potential for bad weather and icy roads, the Vancouver WA transmitter hunt has been RESCHEDULED for SATURDAY 15 FEBRUARY.

The talk-in frequency for this hunt is the W7AIA repeater on 147.24+ (tone 94.8).

      - Dale WB6BYU


The Clark County (WA) Amateur Radio Club is re-initiating their regular transmitter hunts. 

Transmitter Hunt
February 8, 2014
1 PM (1300)
Meet in parking lot of Westfield (Vancouver) Mall, SE area, away from mall and over by the motel. There is a decent little grass strip to congregate at.

There will be at least one live bunny, and one automated transmitter, and a really good chance for more. There can also be at least one practice ELT if requested in advance:  any SAR/CAP/Etc. folks that want to practice those are welcome to attend.

For more info, please contact Dan KC7NOL at
kc7nol@gmail.com or 360-772-0685 (I prefer email).

Westfield / Vancouver Mall is by the intersection of I-205 and SR-500.  For folks coming from Oregon, cross the Columbia on I-205 and take Exit 30C SR-500 Westbound.  That takes you right past the mall on your Right - take the next exit Right on to Thurston, and the next Right drops you into the parking lot.  Follow the road around to the right to the starting point.


I'm planning to attend, and will have some room in my van for those who want to ride along and learn.  I'd particularly like to find someone who is familiar with the area if possible.  (Those booking seats early get first preference.)


That gives us a hunt for February, and I'm also scheduled to talk on transmitter hunting at the Corvallis Peak Radio Association meeting on Monday 17 February.  Anyone want to volunteer to host a hunt for March?

Happy hunting!

              - Dale  WB6BYU             wb6byu@arrl.net   971-226-9628