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posted Feb 9, 2020, 9:20 PM by Charles Boling
You might find this document to be of interest:

I originally received a copy via CAP. I don't see anything that would contraindicate public dissemination, but I also didn't see it on on any WA websites, so rather than post an actual copy of it here, I'm referencing the copy that ID ARES is hosting, so if someone tells them to take it down, it'll automatically break our link too. :-)

A few key points:
  • Gearing up for Cascadia Rising 2022
  • Comms is being separated a bit, because the biggest comm challenges are likely the first few days after a disaster, whereas the main exercise will focus on later response. (Y'know, we keep telling you not to expect the gov't to be there immediately? The exercises have realistic expectations!)
  • A big part of WA EMD's comms goal is to more fully/consistently use amateurs.
    • Amateurs (on average) have technical skills, i.e. we don't just wring our hands if the radio doesn't work
    • We're more useful if we train w/ served agencies and know common procedures.
      • Consider this a plug for ACS membership and ICS courses!
  • Camp Murray's getting a 220 repeater