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SEA-PAC Friday seminar on EmCom/Prep

posted Feb 25, 2018, 7:45 PM by Charles Boling

If you've looked at this year's mailer for SEA-PAC, you surely noticed that one of the all-day Friday seminars is on the topic of Emergency Preparedness.  Since SEA-PAC is still over 3 months away, the exact content of presentations is far from fixed.

Here's your chance for input!  What things would you like to see covered under this umbrella topic?  This is not rhetorical -- we really want to know!  Is there something that you are particularly interested in?  A weak area where you'd like more information? Or is there something you'd like to see preached to others?  Lecture, workshop, forum, whatever the best medium might be, we're interested in hearing from you.

This will be the topic of tonight's round table, but you're invited to share your suggestions any time.  Email Charles (address on "About" page) or otherwise let us know.