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Simplex Net: Jan 13

posted Jan 6, 2013, 7:56 PM by Charles Boling
Next week's net will not be held on the 147.26 repeater, but will instead be held on a simplex frequency.

146.480 MHz (WD2) - Designated frequency
146.500 MHz (LV) - Backup frequency
146.460 MHz (WD1) - Backup backup frequency

Like exercises held last September and at other times, there are several reasons we're doing this:

1. Practice communications without the aid of an automatic repeater
2. Map simplex coverage areas
3. Do something different

In keeping with the 2nd reason, I am making this request of all net members:
Please keep a list of all call signs that you personally hear check in.  At some point after the net, send me a copy of that list, and I'll compile some stats to share with everyone.  This is potentially valuable for EmComm planning -- we want to know what resources we have that can reach where!  Thanks in advance for helping.