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What I *should* have brought to Field Day

posted Jul 12, 2014, 7:54 PM by Charles Boling
FT-101 in car

Had I been better prepared a couple of weeks ago, and and brought my rig and set it up mobile like I have the past couple of campouts, we would've been able to join the Saturday morning 75m nets.

Matthew (KF7ZIL) and I went on a camp-out w/ the Boy Scouts, and Matthew got to ride in the back seat because my trusty ol' FT-101 occupied the front.

Operating from Hudson Park just outside of Rainier, OR w/ a [Jetstream] "Ham Stick" , I wasn't exactly a "big gun", but it sure beat nothing! We both had fun, and as usual we had a few interested onlookers who got to listen to some of the proceedings.

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