2021-09-17 - ERC Seminar: GMRS, etc. (Video / handouts)

Links to the video & handouts from the seminar are now being distributed to everyone who registered for Wednesday's seminar.

It's not too late to register! Sign up to be able to access the recording of the seminar and the other materials.


If you want to be notified of future seminars (and aren't already on the list), you can subscribe to the notification list by sending an email to: seminar_list+subscribe@w7msh.org

2021-09-01 - ERC Seminar: GMRS, etc.

We're co-sponsoring a seminar (via Zoom) about using GMRS and other technologies in church-led emergency communications. Some of the covered topics apply to ham radio too.

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept 15th, at 7:00 PM PDT.

For more details about the seminar, or to register, visit:


Registering allows you to attend the live seminar, and will give you access to a recording and handouts afterwards.

All are welcome. Questions can be directed to: gmrs_seminar@w7msh.org

2021-08-31 - Google Sites is dead; Long live Google Sites!

Google "Classic Sites" officially retires tomorrow, so Mercury Mount St. Helens has moved to the new version of the web hosting platform. Some features are gone (e.g. RSS feeds, automatic pagination of blog-style sections), some are about the same, and there are a few new capabilities to be used. Nearly all of content of the old site is still available, though slightly mangled in places. Plans for new content and tools abound, so stick with us and watch the site grow.

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