Other Nets

Many of these nets are also listed on the net calendar.

Mercury Mount St. Helens nets

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Other Cowlitz County nets

Cowlitz ACS Net

When: Monday @ 20:00 PT
Where: 147.26 (W7DG Longview) repeater

If you live in Cowlitz County, and have an interest in emergency preparedness and community service, the Cowlitz County Auxiliary Communications Service is another group that you should consider giving some time to! 


When: Tuesday @ 20:00 PT
Where: WRNM663 repeater (Rainier) - 462.650 MHz T114.8 +500

Open to all licensed GMRS operators

Other ERC nets - wide area

Mercury Northwest Roundtable

When: Saturday @ ~08:15; Monday @ 20:00 PT
Where: 3.815 MHz LSB

This is a social net w/ a focus on emergency preparedness,  serving hams across the Northwest.

Northwest North America Stake ERC Check-in net

When: Saturday @ 08:00 PT
Where: 3.815 MHz LSB

LDS Stakes & bishops' storehouse regions across the northwest check in and report their local net attendance.
Visitors are invited to check into the Mercury Northwest net that immediately follows this net.

Mercury Western net

When: Saturday @ 07:30 PT
Where: 7.208 MHz LSB

Mercury Amateur Radio Association net focused on the western U.S. -- mostly the Intermountain West.

Headquarters ERC Net

Amateurs representing Central (Tier 1) storehouses check in w/ net controls in the SLC/Odgen area
To keep the net reasonably short, no other traffic is normally passed, and only one person per regional storehouse should report. (Satellite storehouses do not report. Not open for general check-ins.)
When: Tuesday evenings. See net calendar for details.

Utah Beehive Net (NTS)

When: Daily @ 11:30 PT
Where: 7.272 MHz LSB

This is not an ERC net, but is a handy traffic insertion point.

Other ERC nets - local

Lewis County

Moroni 1 Net
When: Monday @ 20:30 PT
Where: 146.74- MHz (Crego Hill repeater)
Backup: 146.66 MHz simplex
Contact: Dick Morrison, K7KFM

Clark County

Multi-stake ERC Net
When: Tuesday @ 19:30 PT
Where: 147.08+ MHz (Prune Hill repeater)
secondary: 146.07, 146.67 MHz simplex
When: Tuesday @ ~19:45 PT
Where: Ch. 28R/127.3 (Bells Mtn)

Vancouver ERC Net
When: Sunday @ 19:30 PT
Where: 147.08+ MHz (Prune Hill repeater)
When: Sunday @ ~19:00 PT
Where: Ch. 22R

Vancouver East ERC Net
When: Sunday @ 18:30 PT; also 2nd Sat/month
Where: 147.08+ MHz (Prune Hill repeater) 1st Sun = simplex on same freq
When: Sunday @ ~18:45 PT
Where: Ch. 22R

Vancouver North ERC Net
When: Tuesday @ 19:30 PT
Where: 147.08 MHz (Hockinson Repeater)
Contact: Phil Peterson, AC7NB

Vancouver West ERC Net
When: Sunday @ 20:00
Where: 147.52 MHz simplex
Contact: Paul Gerke, KF7SKD
When: Sunday @ ~20:15 PT
Where: Ch. 6


When: Sunday @ 21:00
Where: 146.70- MHz (KOIN Tower)
Contact: http://cascadeamateurradio.net/ 

CARS - Oregon City
When: Sunday @ 18:30
Where: 146.96- MHz (Goat Mtn)

Other local nets

Astronomy Net

When: Sunday @ 22:00 PT
Where: 442.825 (Kalama) / Evergreen Intertie

Other net lists

These web sites also list nets that may be of interest to MMSH members.




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